Everything DiSC® Classic 2.0 Profile

Everything DiSC® Classic 2.0 Profile

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The DiSC® Classic 2.0 profile offers personalised feedback that helps people understand the strengths and challenges of their behavioural style.

In addition, the report teaches individuals about the powerful DiSC model, and it allows them to see how other types of people may have different but equally valid preferences.

With 30 years of proven reliability and over 40 million users, Wiley’s DiSC® Classic profiles are used worldwide in dozens of training and coaching applications, including organisational development and performance improvement. DiSC® Classic can help improve communication, ease frustration and conflict, and develop effective managers and teams.

John Wiley and Sons, Inc (publishers of DiSC® assessments) are committed to maintaining the highest standards of instrument development and application through careful research and development processes. All DiSC instruments offer valid and accurate feedback to the respondent.

Research and rigorous validation studies by Wiley have made DiSC psychometric assessments products you can confidently use in training, coaching or consulting situations.